Services Offerered

We provide free tutoring services to all students that are currently enrolled in a Texas school, which includes home school students as well. To qualify for this free service students must agree to the required community service hours indicated below. Community service hours are based upon the age of the student. Students must complete the number of community service hours per month. Hours cannot be carried over from previous months. We are willing to work with students who may have difficulty performing hours on a case by case basis.

Community Service projects may vary monthly. Projects may include but not limited to fundraisers, community clean-up projects, recycle items (pick-up & sorting), reading to patients at local hospitals & nursing homes, distributing food to the homeless and etc.

Parent communication and participation is highly recommended.

                                             Ages                  Hours

                                                       4-5                        2
                                              5-7                        4
                                             8-10                       6
                                            11-13                       8
                                            14-16                     10
                                            17-above               12

***Support for students are provided by volunteers only. We seek help from teachers, retired educators, aspiring teachers, college students and knowledgeable community members. Sometimes it is a difficult task to receive support help but we never stop asking volunteers. Our youth may need additional support to be successful in school and beyond. We care and will never stop trying!

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