The purpose of Six R Inc. is to provide every child in the community with an opportunity to excel in school and beyond. This program was established to meet the needs of the community by focusing on Reading, Writing and Math subject areas, while ensuring that no limit is placed on incorporating teachable moments from other subjects as well. Our focal point is reading comprehension, the lack of which is truly setting our youth back. We will provide tutoring, mentoring, positive leadership, counseling, guidance, and support. Six R will help our students to improve overall in every subject area, give them hope, confidence, and broaden opportunities in their future endeavors. Within this program, we will also establish a Recycle, Reuse, Reduce program. This program will not only educate the community and our youth on the importance of recycling, reusing and reducing, but it will also bring awareness that everyone must do their part to help keep our community clean and safe, and to help build a stronger environment overall. Parents, youths, educators, and members of the community will benefit from these programs through enhanced student learning abilities and the creation of an environmentally safe haven for everyone.