Executive Director's Corner

Executive Director: Tameika Sanchez               

Tameika Sanchez is the founder and executive director of Six R Inc. She is the mother of two and a loving and supportive wife. She dedicates countless hours tutoring, mentoring, teaching, fundraising, coaching, and many other things to support our youth and community. Her goal and passion is to help children succeed in school and beyond. “We live in a country where every child should succeed at their highest potential and read above his or her reading level”. 

Why Six R Inc.:

Mrs. Sanchez started Six R Inc. because of her daughter. She was her inspiration not only to help her but others as well. Mrs. Sanchez was told her daughter needed to fail before she could receive help because her grades (A/B) did not reflect that she needed any help. Her daughter struggled with reading comprehension in elementary school. Often Mrs. Sanchez was told, “Don’t worry, you are stressing for no reason, she is still young” and so on. As we, all know if you struggle in reading every other subject may suffer. She was not asking for any special treatment or for the teacher to do everything. She wanted information, guidance, and strategies to better help her daughter as well. Teachers cannot do this job alone. They need parental support. With consistent persistence and admiration, her daughter received the help without having to fail. This was not an overnight success. “We must not give up and continue fighting for quality education for our children. It is a triple effort; parent(s), child, and facilitator”, said Tameika.

Why must a child fail before they can receive help? Should not we do everything we can to prevent them from failing? What happened to Failing is Not an Option.......No Child Left Behind........It's all about the kids........and etc. These questions pondered her mind among other questions. She thought, “How many other students and parents are dealing with the exact matter I had”. The birth of Six R Inc. began. She understands that she cannot save every child but she will try. You can hear the passion in her voice and see the tears in her eyes when she converse about education and why she started Six R Inc.  We are asking everyone to support quality education and our youth.

Children come from different lifestyles and we must develop a support each of them in their learning. Let not our children learning disability be a key factor for their failure. Let us find the Parents, we are our children biggest advocates; therefore, we must let our voice be heard and do our part by being active participants in their education.   

Education: Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Stephen F. Austin. Currently pursuing a Masters in Elementary Education (Reading Specialist).

The fight continues for our youth to succeed without prejudice.

Written by: Laura Thomas, Vice-President

From the director:

First and foremost, I give all praises to God because without him I would not be who I am today. I do not proclaim to be perfect but I want to perfect his wishes that he has bestowed upon me.  I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, former marine, veteran, teacher, educator, listener, and so much more. Helping others has been something I have done since childhood. I can recall my mom and grandmothers saying, “You are going to touch many lives one day”.  At a young age, I really did not fully grasp the concept but as I grew older, I definitely could relate. My childhood dream was to become a teacher. I can recall “role-playing as a teacher” with my dolls and siblings. I did not pursue that dream immediately due to God having another plan for me. I enlisted into the Marine Corps. It’s funny because I never had any intentions of enlisting into the armed services, especially the Marines.  As I reflect back, the Corps was exactly what I needed. It really taught and allowed me to see teamwork, discipline, leadership, compassion, integrity, strength, and more importantly to never give up even when you feel all hope is gone. “Do your ultimate best, keep striving and never give up”, this is my motto to all students who I encounter.

It truly saddens me when I see secondary education students who cannot read or struggle with basic reading and writing skills. Reading is an integral part of life, and those who lack the basic skills will have difficulty maneuvering ahead in their endeavors. I will provide opportunities for our youth to advance and understand that they can and will learn. It is not an easy task but we all must put forth the effort. Our youth are our future leaders. We must help them build their confidence and self-esteem. I want our youth to enjoy reading, not because they have to but because they want to.

I will continue educating myself so I can better educate others. You often hear that knowledge is power. Knowledge is power when you have and utilize it. Let us encourage, support, and teach our children to excel beyond their potential. As parents, we are their biggest supporters and advocates so we must not sit back and let our children fail. Facilitators cannot do this alone, we need parental support. Stay in close contact with your child’s facilitator(s); ask what you can do to better support your child in his or her studies and behavior. Our youth must do their part as well. We are all in this together: One team, one mission.

In closing, I do not decree that I am an expert in education, but I do know our children deserve a quality education and facilitators who care enough for them to receive it. I will continue to do my part and seek support from educators, parents, and the community. We must educate our youth mentally and physically; set realistic goals and create opportunities for our children to succeed beyond their expectations. We want our children to excel in school and beyond with lifelong learning experiences. Let us not forget, children come from different lifestyles and we must develop a plan to support each of them in their learning. Let not our children’s learning disabilities be a factor that leads them to failure. Let us find the ability to help them learn.


Tameika Sanchez