Assistance Requested

Six R Inc. needs your assistance………………………

We are currently seeking real estate and business owners help who are willing to donate a small building, retail space or sub-lease to support Six R Inc.’s efforts in assisting the youth within our community. We are currently utilizing local libraries for our youth programs (tutoring, mentoring, reading clubs and more). If the library community rooms are unavailable, it limits the amount of students we can service in the main library.

We are applying for grants, fundraising, and seeking the community help for a facility. It has been a struggle but we will not give up or lose hope. Someone or a group of people will hear or read our story and assist us in our endeavor. We will continue utilizing the libraries and helping as many students as we can accommodate until we are blessed with a stable and larger location.

We are asking everyone to donate any amount that is feasible for your budget.

***Remember all donations are tax-deductible and a receipt provided.

If you are interested in supporting Six R Inc. please contact Tameika Sanchez, Executive Director

Thank you in advance,

Tameika Sanchez